GXG Markets

Unlisted Companies Looking to Go Public by Stock Exchange Listings Should Look at GXG Markets Sophisticated Investor Exchange

Companies looking to join the GXG Markets should be aware that the exchange is probably one of the best exchanges to join as an SME in the World if you are working with a registered broker dealer. Whilst the OTC of the GXG markets uses the same electronic trading platform as the Regulated Market and MTF, the quotation provided by the OTC is restricted to investment by an elite community of professional and/or sophisticated investors as well as existing shareholders. This sophisticated investor exchange is unique in its ability to recruit the interest of sophisticated investors who are capable of purchasing shares in your firm.

  • On average a sophisticated investor and professional investor is capable of making investments in excess of 50,000 euro.
  • Most sophisticated investors purchase shares in multiple listed and unlisted firms within a year
  • Sophisticated investors often benefit from the lower cost of shares on an exchange exclusively for their investment prior to releasing investment to a larger “retail market” that one would find on a regulated open market
  • The sophisticated investor stock exchange allows for companies to garner the cash flow and investor interest without the heavy regulatory costs
  • Sophisticated Investors generally have high net worth and can afford the risk, therefore, you attract investors that tend to remain invested in the share position

Primarily in sophisticated markets it boils down to the relationship with the investors and public within the community. The communities of sophisticated investors look for the exclusive opportunity to interact and invest with companies that could give them high multiple returns. As a company, you can list on the GXG markets OTC “Sophisticated Stock Market” where active investors are recruited on a weekly basis to join the brokerage community of GXG Brokers, such as IFXBG.

Relationship building is about having a professional team to guide your firm through the various stages of investment and corporate development to attract investors directly.

These stages entail in-house professional expertise that you would find with an Investment Banker like IFXBG Limited, such as:

–          Building a competent and reputable valuation as the corner stone of your firms value

–          Building a Share Vision report that analyzes the company’s strengths for investment purposes and releasing this report to an exclusive group of sophisticated, institutional, and high net worth individuals in excess of 150 billion dollars (100 billion Pounds Sterling)

–          Joint presentation to sophisticated investors and venture capital firms and various equity funding models

–          Providing a successful listing within a registered stock exchange that is exclusive to Sophisticated Investors

–          Financing your firm through bond and debt financing in excess of 5 million euro (the best way to finance your firm without dilution and market volatility)

–          Supply auditors, legal skills and corporate advice that one would expect from a registered broker dealer, including the gradual and successful listing of your firm to bigger Boards such as the AIM, GXG Regulated Market, and DAX Listings

–          Assess your financial requirements after the capital raise and debt financing to decide if further offerings are required to expand, acquire other firms, support mergers, incubation of internal projects and spin-outs

–          As a recognized investment Bank, IFXBG can support mergers and acquisitions between client firms and active merger partners and merger law firms (with several Billion euro in merger experience)

If you are a small to medium sized firm with revenue of 800,000 euro or more per annum we can assist you on the GXG markets to expand your business and capitalize your firm. If you are smaller than this specification, we can customize a sophisticated offering which would allow you to meet the capital requirements of your business for the next 12 months.

Contact us today to see how we can assist you to list on the GXG Markets: info@ifxbg.eu